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High quality organic Greek mountain tea, originating in the mountainous village of Rentina.

We only use certified organic tea plants. Processing is done with care, under strict procedures

to ensure superior quality for our customers.

A product of Busy Aunts, with the highest respect towards nature and people.



King of the Greek herbs, Renteana Mountain Tea is cultivated in altitudes of 900m and above. It is completely organic and is processed under very strict procedures to ensure the highest quality and that all the qualities of the tea reach our customer in the best condition.

It is cultivated on the high Greek mountain peaks where the quality of the virgin, undisturbed soil, the clean mountain water and the fresh air are all the plants need to grow and flourish.

It is handpicked and left to dry naturally in especially designed rooms which allow for fresh air to come through and naturally dry the plants.

The dried plants are then cut to large pieces in order to maintain as many of the beneficial qualities of the plant as possible. It is best if the plant is not cut in very small pieces but that it be cut from the consumer at the time of the preparation.

Renteana Tea contains all parts of the plant: flowers, leaves and stems. It has a naturally sweet, floral and earthy flavor and does not contain any caffeine.



Greek Mountain Tea, also known as sideritis which means ‘ironwort’ as it is rich in iron, is a plant that grows at high altitudes and is a strong antioxidant. It usually grows in the wild, but some plants are also cultivated.

Although it is caffeine-free, it has been proven to be energizing and it also possesses antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal qualities. It can be consumed to fight flu symptoms, chest infections, fatigue and anxiety. Moreover, it has been used in Greece to treat aches, pains and indigestion.

Most of the research on the characteristics of Greek Mountain Tea has taken place in Universities in Greece where the plants are indigenous. The research has shown that it is rich in flavonoids and essential oils. Moreover, it is rich in potassium and zinc and thus can help have a better sexual life. Some research indicates that it can also help avoid osteoporosis, but more research is needed in this direction to best understand its qualities.

Mountain tea has also been proven by professor of Neurology, Jens Pahnke at the Otto von Guericke University of Magdebourg (year) that drinking Greek Mountain Tea lessens damage to the brain by almost 80% in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Tea qualities

Remember Busy Aunts? The kind and thoughtful aunts of the village, carriers of a knowledge passed down from generation to generation. They are the women who love to please their guests and family, through recipes that travel us back in time, to our childhood. In the care and warmth of a family gathering, with flavors and scents that linger on forever. 


The spirit of those women is revived through Busy Aunts, a modern company that aims to develop and produce a wide range of traditional Greek products of superior quality, for the whole family. Its first product category is Renteana Greek herbal tea, carefully selected and processed with the philosophy of Busy Aunts: herbs are carefully selected and cut manually, treated with love and care in the most natural way and come to our home, to flood it with their rich and comforting aromas.


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